Friday, December 5, 2014

Sherlock Holmes Interviews Kim Krisco – Part 3

Mr. Sherlock Holmes conducts a three part interview with Sherlock Holmes author Kim Krisco, who has just released Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years.  This is the last part – part 3.

Holmes:  I was challenged and exhilarated by all the adventures you created for me . . . including my reunion with “the woman.” I have the scars and bruises to prove it. However, I shall not complain. You know, I abhor boredom.

Krisco:  And, I would not want you to seek relief by way of unnatural drugs.

Holmes: I low blow, sir. And you haling from Colorado that has just legalized marijuana?

Krisco: Tuché, sir. Yes, “the high street” can have a different meaning here in Trinidad, Colorado.

Holmes: I will be merciful sir, to both of us, and change the subject. There is one more thing I wished to ask you before we end this interview: Why did you bring “the woman” into my life again?

Krisco:  I will answer that question as best I can without divulging the details. After all, we don’t wish to blemish the reader’s experience. Let me simply say that I believe Irene Adler, although she might have been reported as dead by some, was, in a manner of speaking, always alive and well within your daily existence. You secreted a portrait of her in your desk drawer, and you carry a gold sovereign on your watch chain that she gave to you as an unwitting witness at her wedding to Godfrey Norton in the church of Saint Monica. Irene Adler has been in your thoughts since you met her. And, as readers will learn, in The Curse of the Black Feather, you have been in her thoughts as well. Your reunion was inevitable.

Holmes:  Even the most disciplined mind may be subject to assault by fantastic notions. In most cases, these pass quickly. The best course of action is to expose these delusions to the cold light of reality, whereupon they will probably wither away.

Krisco:  Once again, you take the words from my mouth . . . I should say off the page of the story The Curse of the Black Feather. As I recall, Watson’s response was similar to what mine is at this moment. With apologies to the Bard and Queen Gertrude,Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.”

Holmes: Well sir, with that I think our interview is at an end.

Krisco: But, not your stories. They are just beginning in Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years. (Available everywhere.)

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