Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sherlock Conversations Interview with Author of Sherlock Holmes- The Golden Years (Me!)

Sherlock Conversations, the great new blog that covers the world of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, just posted an interview I did with Don Smith - the blogs author.

Don asked some great questions that really helped me to focus on what makes Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years so unique. One example:

QUESTION: You are going in a unique direction with your books. As opposed to him in his 90s or him younger, you are putting him middle aged. So is Sherlock in his 60s and 70s here?

KIM KRISCO: In Sherlock Holmes–The Golden Years, Holmes is just turning 60. By today’s standards, he was not that old, but life expectancy one hundred years ago was about 55 years. One of the things we all love about Sherlock Holmes is that, in a constantly changing world, he is one unchanging constant. However, being human, we know that Holmes likely changed, in small and big ways, after sixty years of life experience. As a writer, it was an interesting challenge to explore how the world’s greatest detective may have grown and evolved as he matured. Keeping the personality and wit we all love in mind, I think I did a fair job of capturing Holmes’s changes.

Check out Sherlock Conversations and the rest of the interview . . . and buy it on Amazon and other great bookstores.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

PLEASE Give Me Your Opinion

I had a goal to have, at least fifty reviews of Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years by my birthday (just a few days away now). I am very pleased with the reviews I have received, but they total only 39. I know, from the sales, that there are hundreds of people who have purchased my book (Thank You), but have not posted a review.
PLEASE - if you have read my book, please take a few minutes to give your review on Amazon.