Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The “Spiritual-side” to Doyle

One cannot help but wonder how could Conan Doyle, a medical man steeped in empirical reasoning at Edinburgh University, and the creator of a highly rational detective, had come to become a staunch advocate of Spiritualism. Ironically, one of Doyle’s closet friends was Harry Houdini, who relished unmasking unscrupulous mediums and spirit guides. These seeming contradictions are explore within several of the stories in the new Sherlock Holmes collection Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years.

 And, in a rare blend of fiction and non-fiction, one of the stories features Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his second wife Jean hosting a séance at his home at Windlesham. Holmes and Watson are in attendance. In a poignant scene from the story, the rational Holmes remarks to Doyle: “Like Diogenes, Sir Arthur, I am, above all, a seeker of truth. And, if it be possible to discover the truth that lies beyond the grave, I myself might expect to find it in deep reflection and lucid prayer, and not around a ill-lit table.” However, this séance merely sets the stage for a truly singular adventure that has Holmes and Watson unraveling a mystery secreted within the jungles of the Dark Continent entitled – The Kongo Nkisi Spirit Train.

All five historically accurate stories have captivating plot-lines that put the legendary detective’s remarkable deductive powers to the test as Holmes and Watson tangle with life-and-death situations. Clearly, some of Holmes’s and Watson’s most remarkable and dangerous adventures still await them . . . and you.

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