Tuesday, November 12, 2019


MX Publishing (my publisher), the world’s largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes books is spreading Christmas cheer around the world to the Happy Life Children’s Home in Kenya that cares for abandoned children on the streets of Nairobi.

Order a “Lucky Dip Mystery Book and get a book from their vast library worth at least $11 and they will donate 20% of the sale price the Happy Life. Support a great cause and get a surprise Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love. You are guaranteed to save at least 30% of retail price.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What Readers Are Saying

Getting some good reviews on The Celtic Phoenix:

“If you are interested in Celtic history, legends, etc you will also enjoy the book as it is laced with many of these items. The story centers around a legendary cult of women warriors, and those women that still follow them. When a few of these women get confused in their path and choose revenge rather than a more spiritual path the mystical leader appears to straighten them out and get the women back on track. It is Tessa and Sherlock that must prevent any more killings. Tessa is quite the detective impressing even Sherlock Holmes!”
J. Walker

A fun read, getting into the action right from the start. The tale itself is vibrant and fresh with a strong, if occasionally unsettling, plot.”
G.J. Schear

An utterly thrilling tale combined with age-old characters including, of course, Holmes’s nemesis Moriarty plus strong female characters make for a compelling read.”
What Do I Read Now

A gripping story. The author has brilliantly written a tale which has the feel of Arthur Conan Doyle but with a new exciting twist to the plot.”
MoMo Book Diary

 Check it out HERE.

Friday, June 14, 2019


You may have missed my website recently. I was hacked and had to take it down and rebuild it. And, I am happy to announce that my NEWwebsite is up and running.

It’s a great way to follow my efforts and message me, if you want. Of course, there are links to all my books on line, including the non-fiction books (yes, I have written non-fiction).

There are articles, news, and events. And stuff you won't find here. Like a pix of where Sara and I live: a 500 sq. ft. cabin on the North Fork of the Purgatory River (below).

So, check out MY NEW WEBSITE and sign up for a monthly drawing -- a book a month goes to someone every month.

Would love your feedback and ideas. Let me hear from you.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Sherlock Holmes in Italia - Meraviglioso!

Nine hundred and eleven Sherlock Holmes societies in over forty countries across the globe are testimony that Sherlock Holmes is truly a world-wide phenomena. Helping to slake the appetites of the millions of international Holmes aficionados, MX Publishing in London (the world’s largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes books) licenses the works of many of its authors to publishing houses and publications around the globe. I’m proud to say that several of my novellas have found their way to Italy—most recently, a story to a popular magazine.

The May - 2019 edition of Sherlock Magazine in Italy carries one of the novellas contained in my first collection entitled: Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years, Five New Post-Retirement' Adventures. The magazine cover also bears a photo of me. I am half Italian, so it seems apropos. The subtitle under my image translates: “Inside: The apocryphal story of Kim H. Krisco.

The tale to which they refer is: The Maestro of Mysteries. This story begins with a summons to Mycroft’s office and ends with a deadly chase in Undertown, far beneath the streets of London. The evil Ciarán Malastier escapes . . . but only into the next adventure in the five-story chronicle.

You don’t have to subscribe to Sherlock Magazine, you can enjoy this story . . . and four more, in softcover or kindle, at Amazon.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Celtic Phoenix -- AUDIOBOOK is Here!

Just in time for Christmas, the The Celtic Phoenix is out at Audible and Amazon.

It is read by Rebecca Reed who does an amazing job. Never used a female reader before, but as this story features three powerful women, it was time.  There is a great sample clip from the first chapter which, if you listen to it, will make you want to click BUY. Check it out HERE.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Local Author Event at Trinidad Library

Had a wonderful "meet the author" event at the the Trinidad Carnegie Library Friday night: quiz, readings, Q&A, signing, etc.  Thanks to Tom Potter at the library for arranging and hosting it. Look for many more -- maybe farther afield.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sherlock Holmes With A Twist

The Celtic Phoenix launches today.
This historically accurate Sherlock Holmes tale takes place in 1919, and obliges Holmes to match wits with a diabolical female nemesis. He does so with the help of Tessa Wiggins, a former member of his irregular brigade.
The mystery begins when a jewelry case, holding human remains, arrives at Holmes’s cottage in Sussex. To find the murderer, Holmes and Tessa must delve into ancient British history to a time when the Celts were fighting for survival.
The Celtic Phoenix is steeped in the enigmatic culture of the ancient Celtsa time when the bond with Nature was strong . . . when people walked in the olde ways . . . and when women were the equals to men as warriors, priests, and poets.
The Celtic Phoenix is the journey of three women who rise from the ashes of their past like fearsome phoenixes and shake the rational foundations upon Sherlock Holmes built his life and career.

Available in paperback or Kindle, you can purchase The Celtic Phoenix at Amazon or any on-line bookstore.