Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Whose portrays the best Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years is now available as an audiobook. A great new voice talent, Richard Di Britannia, produces one of the best “Holmes voices” I have ever heard. But, more than this, Richard’s dramatic range, and versatility, breathes new life into the five-part saga that boasts over seventy characters.

Audible, who publishes the audiobook has selected a sample. And, while not the most action-backed sample segment, it does offer the opportunity to hear Richard’s marvelous voice:

This story sample comes from the third story in the collection, The Maestro of Mysteries. It describes a meeting between Holmes and Miss Irene Adler that eventually leads to her joining in the chase for the diabolical Ciarán Malastier who haunts all five stories.

Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years audiobook is available on AMAZON.

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