Saturday, June 4, 2016

A New Voice for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years will soon be available as an audiobook. A great new voice talent, Richard Di Britannia, has brought his amazing skills to bear. He not only produces one of the best “Holmes voices” I have ever heard, but shows his range and versatility as he interprets over 70 characters in the book.

Below is a sample taken from the first story in the collection -- A Bonnie Bag of Bones:

In this saga, the infamous duo is led on a not-so-merry chase into the mythical mountains of Scotland, and ultimately to the “the woman” who is tangled within a mystery that has haunted Holmes for a quarter century.

In the clip below, Watson has just arrived at Holmes’s retirement cottage in Sussex Downs after receiving a terse telegram from Holmes that chided him for a recent mythological story he published about a creature call the Grey Man of Ben Macdhui.

CLICK on the screen above to hear Richard Di Britiannia interpretation of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in a post-retirement conversation.

As soon as the 10-1/2 hour audiobook is out, information and links will be posted. If you are interested in a hard copy version of this collection of stories, you can buy it on AMAZON and most other bookstores.

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