Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Mega Sherlock Holmes Collection coming October 1

Here’s another update on the three-volume collection of NEW Sherlock Holmes tales coming your way in October.

This collection, published by MX Publishing in London, is scheduled to be released October 1, but you may see it previewed before then. Indeed, folks who make a donation to the Undershaw Foundation Trust can get their copy earlier. There is a “Kickstarter campaign underway to raise $10,000 British pounds to cover the production cost and it has already reached its goal.

This collection is the brainchild of Holmesean author, David Marcum, who edited this anthology. His desire to support the Undershaw Preservation Trust’s efforts to save the Doyle home lead David sought to create a collection of new Sherlock Holmes stories with ALL the proceeds going to this cause. Undershaw was the home from which Doyle wrote most of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

When Marcum began this effort, almost a year ago, he was overwhelmed with the generosity of noteworthy Sherlockian authors. Writers from the U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand, India jumped at the opportunity to support this cause. As of this date, there are 60+ stories in this master collection. David is quick to point out that this anthology only includes pastiches written in a manner consistent with the original canon and must be totally new -- never before published.

I was honored when David Marcum asked me to contribute to the anthology, as Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years was my first offering of Sherlock Holmes fiction. It is both exciting and terrifying that my new story, “Blood Brothers” will soon be held up to the works of some the best Holmesean authors of our time. FYI - “Blood Brothers,” will be contained in the third volume.

Obviously, David Marcum’s outreach was wildly successful. -- 62 authors in all, each donating their royalties to the Undershaw Preservation Trust. The Sherlockian community of writers, I have come to learn, is one of the most generous group of people I have ever encountered.

Each of the three volumes will be 400+ pages each. Initially there will be a 6” x 9” hardcover edition with dust jackets, and probably a soft-cover edition later on as well. They won’t be designated Vol. I, II or II, but organized chronologically by the dates of the stories. The draft cover designs are very colorful as you can see, and will look good on any bookshelf.

If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, or have one in your life, all I can say is -- Wow!  The PERFECT Christmas present!

Hats off to David Marcum and Steve Emecz of MX Publishing for taking on this daunting project. Well done guys!

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