Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sherlock and Watson Meet the British Big Foot

 The British Isle is rich with mythology and legends from King Arthur to the Loch Ness Monster. However, there is one legend that lives on today. In the misty splendor of Ben MacDhui Mountain, in Scotland, the people still talk of the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui - a malign ape-like creature known locally as 'Fear Liath Mor'.

Over the centuries dozens of sightings on Ben MacDhui Mountain have amalgamated into an image of a humanoid about ten feet tall, covered in hair, and having long arms. In 1891 a climber reported finding large footprints measuring over 14 inches and stride over 5 feet long.

The Grey Man mythology, which persists to this day, has become a true mystery. There were many sightings, often from reputable individuals, which keeps the legend alive. Aviemore, Scotland sits at the based of Ben MacDhui Mountain and was one of the stops I made during a research tour of Scotland for my book Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years. Nothing beats first-hand research so Sara and I trekked to Aviemore, the gateway to the Cairngrom Plateau to more fully capture the surroundings and local colour for a book of mysteries he was writing at the time. Not surprisingly, the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui made it way into my book.

In the first of the five new Sherlock Holmes adventures, A Bonnie Bag of Bones, Holmes and Watson climb Ben MacDhui Mountain to discover the mystery behind human bones that were recently discovered on Ben MacDhui Mountain. In the process, they encounter the Grey Man.

Each of the five “post-retirement stories” is meticulously researched and rich in local color and historically accurate detail. In Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years, the infamous duo reunite in a wonderful new series of post-retirement adventures that take them from peaks of Ben MacDhui to Undertown, far below the streets of London, and finally to darkest Africa.

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