Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NEW Sherlock Holmes Novel Coming this Fall

As promised . . . here’s an update on the new book I’ve been writing for the last year:

Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of the Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars spans nearly four decades, beginning in 1884 and ending in 1919. If you were ever curious about how Holmes shaped and changed the lives of the irregulars, and how they transformed his life . . . then, this is the book for you.

This is an untold story, because as Holmes told Watson in after the war:
My history with the irregulars runs deeper than you might know. They were at my side when you could not be. When you were with . . . others.”  The “others” Holmes was referring to were Watson’s wives. And, due to Watson’s absence, the story was, indeed, untold . . . until now.

A visit to a mysterious photography exhibit catapults Sherlock Holmes back in time as he recalls his adventures with Wiggans, Ugly, Snape, Kate, and other members of his urban army. Each of the five “irregular tales” is a classic, stand-alone Sherlock Holmes story. Wrapped around it is a bigger mystery and adventure that begins when a jolly reunion with the irregulars abruptly erupts into a terrible tragedy.

You will read about the irregulars when they were adolescents and children, and also as the adults they became. The Baker Street irregulars survived their rough upbringing in the slums of London. Unfortunately, their propensity for finding trouble did not diminish in the process.

More updates to come. But, in the meanwhile, put the newest Sherlock Holmes novel on your reading list -- just in time for Christmas!

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