Monday, August 1, 2016


Irregular Lives: The untold story of Sherlock Holmes and Baker-street irregulars will be published in November, along with the kindle edition and audiobook. It’s an unusual novel in that, within the larger tale, there are five stand-alone tales--each featuring one of the irregulars:
·      WIGGINS: A lad who learned too well the lessons that the street taught.
·      UGLY: Adopted and raised by the costers of the Spitalfields Market.
·      SNAPE: A blacksmith’s son, who forged a life from the rubbish in the Thames.
·      KATE & ARCHIE: Orphaned at the age of six, Kate found a family and made her way with ARCHIE. And . . .
·      BENJIE: A boy about the business of life on the streetswhere everything is for sale.

Holmesian fans will know something of Wiggans, who appeared in three of Doyle’s stories but, until now, no one has introduced the other irregulars.

Of course, all or the shorter tales take place between 1884 and 1898, when Sherlock Holmes was in his prime. Irregular Lives takes place in 1919, just after the WWI has ended. Holmes and Watson are in retirement at ages 65 and 66 respectively, and the irregulars are in their mid to late thirties. While several decades have passed, the irregulars have not lost their propensity for getting in trouble.

So, stay tuned . . . more to come as Irregular Lives gets closer and closer to going to press. In the meanwhile, check out the audiobook version of Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years at Audible and Amazon.

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