Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Holmes Adventures HERE NOW!

Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars is now AVAILABLE!

This new book as been described as a “multi-layered mystorical novel” —a way of saying that, within the larger thriller plot, there are five short stories set within a historically accurate post-WWI setting in the U.K.

As the title promises, the novel centers on a gang of adolescent boys and girls whom Holmes recruited from the slums of London to become his investigative allies. Doyle only referenced three or four cases where he engaged the irregulars, but there were many others.

Wiggins you know, if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan. But, until now, other members of Wiggins’ backstreet brigade were never mentioned by name. Now you can meet them: Ugly, Snape, Kate, Ruck, Rumpty, Archie, Benjie and little Tessa.

Some of Sherlock Holmes’s most bizarre cases involved the irregulars: a hideous execution of a man who had been strapped to the barrel of cannon, a fiend who hoped he could live forever on the blood of others, and the largest jewel robbery in Britain.

Irregular Lives shines light on a hidden side of an older and more compassionate Sherlock Holmes, and illuminates “darkest England” —the abysmal backstreets, slums, and tenements of Victorian London that the irregulars called home.

The tale begins with a cryptic invitation and note:

Photographer S.P. Fields
 invites you to the debut of THE collection:
Irregular Lives.

Saturday, March 15, 1919.
35, Russell Square, London.

A note was enclosed in the envelope:
The lives of the well-off have an arc, with significant achievements posed near the peak. The lives of the deprived hover barely off the ground. Their accomplishment lies at the bitter end—the fact that they survived at all.
Please help me honour and eulogize those that served us both so well.
— S. P. F.

A wave of recollections—of people, places, faces and voices from the past, swept over Holmes’s mind like a tidal wave: his many encounters with the band of juveniles that bore his appellation “the Baker-street irregulars.”

If you are curious about how Holmes shaped and changed the irregulars, and how they changed his life . . . this is the book for you!

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