Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Next Sherlock Holmes Movie . . . Hopefully!

Sherlock Holmes is obviously not new the cinematic screen. The first Sherlock Holmes movie was made in 1905. Thereafter, there have been many movies starring actors like Harry Saintsbury, Eille Norwood, John Barrymore and, of course, Basil Rathbone. Recently, Ian McKellen in Mr. Holmes, “put the cheery on the cake for me.

The public cannot get enough of Sherlock Holmes who is officially now the most portrayed fictional character in history.

My latest offering, Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years, is one of many on the bookshelf. However, I am planning to get my stories off the shelf and onto the silver screen. I have just finished a screenplay based on one of the stories in my collection and made it available via a website called Ink Tip-- a place studios, actors and directors go to find new material.

The script is tentatively entitled: Sherlock Holmes and the Kongo Nkisi Spirit Train. The action-packed story takes place around one of the most remarkable real life engineering projects ever conceived -- the Cape to Cairo Railway which stretched over 5,700 miles from Cape Town South Africa to Cairo Egypt. This turn of the century project faced, and overcome, many obstacles over the last 150 years—swamps, impenetrable jungle, the ravages of the white ants and termites, encounters with lions, elephants and other beasts, disease, and regional wars, to name a few. However, one of the most terrifying obstacles was the Kongo Nkisi  spirit.

In my movie, Sherlock Holmes and the Kongo Nkisi Spirit Train, Sherlock Holmes travels deep into the forbidding jungle of central Africa to unravel a mystery that puts him among the walking dead.

The walls of Sherlock Holmes’s rational world crumble as an African witch, acting as an agent of illegal mining operation in the Belgian Congo, sets out to steal his soul. The spirit of “the woman” he loved intervenes, to try and save him. Sherlock Holmes does solve another mystery, but he is left to reconcile his ultra-rational world with his mystical experience.

So, tell all your friends in Hollywood about Sherlock Holmes and the Kongo Nkisi Spirit Train. And, in the meanwhile, check out the other 4 stories in my printed collection on Amazon.

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