Friday, November 14, 2014

Great Holmesean author Dan Andriacco’s Review

Just off the presses, Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years got a nod from one of the best and most prolific Sherlockian and “Holmesean” authors in the world – Dan Andriacco.  In his blog: BakerStreetBeat.

Dan said:

Like many writers before, Kim H. Krisco provides some answers in Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years. That's not a title that immediately attracted me, but the book actually is golden. It's a series of five interrelated short stories, most of them featuring a well-drawn new villain. Some of the familiar characters of the Canon show up as well.

Dialogue is one of the delights of the book, as when Holmes says: ‘If honor appears as a choice, then you have already lost it.’ And then there's this, which I like very much:
‘You know what you want, but that is not the same as knowing, with any certainty, that your actions today will deliver what you want. Life is not a chess game in which there is a final end. The real world does not stop with check-mate. What is more, simply because something does not end well does not mean it is good and right.’
This comment by Sherlock Holmes is part of a debate with his brother Mycroft. The larger question they are contesting is whether it is right to join forces with one evil in order to defeat another. Almost a hundred years after the setting of the book, that question remains very much alive in our complicated world.

His whole review is on his EXCELLENT BLOG. You really need to check out Dan’s blog as well as his new book: Rogues Gallery.  Dan has fashioned some modern day Holmes and Watson-type characters in the form of Sebastain McCabe and Jeff Cody that are rightfully developing a loyal following.

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