Tuesday, September 2, 2014

“I need more Sherlock Holmes!”

If that’s your cry, you’re not alone. It’s been over 125 years since Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print and captured the hearts and loyalty of readers young, old, and in between. While Sherlock Holmes came from a by-gone era, he seems to be quit comfortable in the twenty-first century. He holds the title as the most portrayed literary human character in film and TV, having been “rendered” by over 75 different actors appearing in 254 different films.  Of course, Sherlock has been a hit at movie box offices, and is currently appearing in several new TV series, including ones on PBS and the BBC.
So, if you’re one of the millions of Sherlock Holmes aficionados, you’ll be pleased to learn that there five totally new adventures coming this fall in the book Sherlock Holmes – The Golden Years, by Kim Krisco.

These five tales take place after Holmes and Watson believe they have gone into retirement. Of course, such a notion is irrealizable for either of them. Indeed, in this new action-packed, historically accurate series of stories, some of their most remarkable and dangerous adventures await them.

The saga begins with The Bonnie Bag of Bones that lead the infamous duo on a not-so-merry chase into the mythical mountains of Scotland and ultimately to the “the woman” who is tangled within a mystery that has haunted Holmes for a quarter century.

Curse of the Black Feather continues the adventure in which Holmes teams up with the Irregulars, and a gypsy matriarch, to expose a diabolical “baby-farming” enterprise. Their quest arouses a vicious adversary, Ciarán Malastier, who has Holmes struggling for his very life.

Maestro of Mysteries begins with a summons to Mycroft’s office and ends with a deadly chase in Undertown, far beneath the streets of London. Malastier escapes . . . but only into the next adventure.

The Cure that Kills sees Holmes and Watson in hot pursuit of Ciarán Malastier, racing across America, and pitting them against the largest detective organization in the world.

In the final story, The Kongo Nkis Spirit Train, Holmes and Watson travel to the Dark Continent to derail a “spirit train” that ensnares people’s spirit, and enslaves their bodies.

In the end, this historically accurate chronicle sheds new light on greatest mystery of all, Sherlock Holmes himself. eBooks are coming soon.

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